Participant 1 – USIL – University of Silesia  
Country Poland
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Person in charge Dr. Iwona Jelonek –
Brief description of the organisation  

The University has its origins in the Higher School of Education, founded in 1928, which at that time the only higher institution of education in the region. In 1963, the School became a branch of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, one of the oldest Universities in the world. The University of Silesia was established June 8th, 1968 in Katowice as the ninth university in Poland. With about 45000 students and some 1900 academic staff, the University of Silesia is one of the largest in Poland. Located in the heart of Upper Silesia, Poland’s old industrial region with distinct history and cultural identity, the University attracts many scientists and students working in all scholastic, scientific and artistic disciplines.

The Faculty of Earth Sciences ( has long been investigating the vital environmental problems of Silesia and neighbouring regions. Faculty members undertake a variety of tasks and research projects such as laboratory and field tests, expert appraisals, and case studies, as well as the collection of data for geological, geophysical, seismological, hydrological, ecological, infrastructural and cartographic projects, and their detailed documentation.

Among others, highly prestigious position is taken by coal petrographic analyses thanks to their economic and practical significance. The coal quality is estimated based on up-to date coal classifications using the petrographic parameters of proportions of the reactive – inert macerals (type of coal) and vitrinite reflectance ability.