ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG, “Thyskrup”, Germany

Participant 5 – TKS – ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG  
Country Germany
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Person in charge Heike Liszio –
Brief description of the organisation  

ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG – Germany’s largest steel producer – is focused on the attractive, fast-growing market for premium carbon steel flat products and is one of the world´s leading suppliers of these materials.

Already with the first steps of the steel production process begins a targeted quality control of the final product. The quality metallurgical tests on the raw materials lump and pellets and the testing of the sinter produced, provide an indispensable basis for the safe and smooth operation of blast furnaces.

Of crucial importance for the pig iron production costs is the comprehensive knowledge of the quality of the reducing agent coke and coal as well as the optimization of these raw materials.

In the TKSE laboratories (Competence Centre Metallurgy, Ore & Iron and Coal & Coke) some 25 Million tonnes of raw materials are tested as to quality using standardized methods. Approximately 11,000 routine analyses are carried out per year.