Kombinat Koksochemiczny Zabrze SA, “KK Zabrze”, Poland

Participant  2 – KK Zabrze – Kombinat Koksochemiczny “Zabrze”  kkzabrze
Country Poland
Web site www.kkzabrze.pl/
Person in charge Edward Szlęk – kombinat@kkzabrze.com.pl
Brief description of the organisation  

Kombinat Koksochemiczny “Zabrze” S.A. is an independent production company with 12% share in total, annual volume of coke production in Poland.Every year, the company produces more than 1 million tonnes of the highest quality coke in its three production centres.‘Jadwiga’ Cokery produces low-phosphor coke and broken coke, traditionally sold in to Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Austria and Germany.‘Radlin’ Cokery is known of production of foundry and blast furnace coke. Majority of this coke is sold to steel mills in Western and Central Europe.‘Dębiensko’ Cokery produces high quality domestic coke sold on the domestic market. More than half of the annual coke production volumes is sold in foreign markets, such as: Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary and even France and Holland.Kombinat Koksochemiczny “Zabrze” S.A. implemented and follows client oriented sales policy aimed at delivery of high quality coke on time. Production of coke involves people with appropriate experience, while sales and shipments are managed and supervised by people at Coke Sales Office.

Kombinat Koksochemiczny “Zabrze” S.A. production centres are located where raw material is easily available so that the cost of production can be minimised and the Company could be more competitive on demanding European market.

In the year 2000 Kombinat Koksochemiczny “Zabrze” as a result of the commercialization process changed its legal form from a state-owned company to the sole-shareholder company of the State Treasury. In July 2011 the company became a part of the JSW Group and together with Koksownia Przyjaźń SA and Wałbrzyskie Zakłady Koksownicze  „Victoria” S.A constitutes Group’s Coke Division.