Ways and means

To achieve the project aims and objectives, various conceptual works, laboratory analyses, industrial tests, designing and implementation works will be undertaken. The program of work will be split into the six Work Packages shortly presented below:

WP1. Selection and characterization of materials for coal carbonization

Coal carbonisation quality mainly depends on the properties of material for carbonisation. WP1 involves analyses and selection of raw materials for coking coal blends. Wide range of coals from various world regions will be characterised by a number of laboratory analyses: measurement of vitrinite and all maceral reflectance, vitrinite and inertinite fluorescence relative intensity, maceral and microlithotype content and characterisation of coal thermal degradation. Selected alternative waste fuels (the granules made from car tires, wastes from manufacturing of electronic chips and the remnants of carbonisation polyethylene) will be analysed from their usefulness for introducing to the coking coal blends point of view. The public available database of coal and alternative fuels properties will be established.

WP2. Formulation and validation of the new effective method of the best coking coal blend selection

The new innovative formula for the prediction of coke quality will be formulated by establishing the optimal reactive/inert ratio in a feed coal, based on coal samples petrographic analysis provided in WP1. The coal blends prepared in accordance with the formula will be coked in the laboratory, semi-industrial and industrial tests. Analysis of introduction of various amounts of alternative fuels to  the best coal blends will be provided.

WP3. Analysis of coke properties as a final product of coal carbonization

Quality of coke received in a number of laboratory semi-industrial and industrial tests  provided in WP2 will be evaluated. The evaluation will be given on the basis of laboratory analysis of porosity, microporosity of coke – image analysis, thermal oxidation stability of cokeactivation energy for thermal degradation of cokeMicum 10 and Micum 40 and CRI/CSR tests. The analysis will verify and validate the method proposed in WP2.

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WP4. Designing and implementation of the monitoring, control and optimization system of coking coal blend preparation

The system of monitoring, control and optimization of coking coal blend fuel will be designed and implemented. The specialised software for simulation of coke quality will be core of the system. Results of analysis of coking coal blends samples downloaded from fuel prepared for coking will be the input data. The programme output will be indications for the blend preparation for the best coke production. The system designing will be realised by Czech company Autel. The implementation will be done by Czech coke producing company.

WP5. Testing of the monitoring, control and optimization system of carbonisation process in industrial scale

The system designed in WP4 will be tested on large industrial scale. The 40 tests of carbonisation  of the portion of 100 tons of coking coal blends each will be carried out. The monitoring, control and optimisation system designed in WP4 will be implemented for improving carbonisation process. Comparative analysis of properties of coke received in the carbonisation process applying new method and traditional method will be provided.

WP6. Management , dissemination and Technology Implementation Plan

The project activities will be managed by project coordinator together with Work Packages and Tasks leaders. The main tool of the project results dissemination will be the project website. The Technology Implementation Plan for determining exploitation of the project research and demonstration results will be defined.