About the Project

RATIO-COAL International Project – Improvement of coal carbonization through the optimization of fuel in coking coal blends realized in the framework of Research Fund of Coal and Steel in the years 2010-2013. Project consortium consists of six partners from four countries of EU, both from  the science and industry sector. Faculty of Earth Sciences of University of Silesia is the project  coordinator.

The aim of the project is to improve coal carbonization quality through optimization of fuel composition used in coking coal blends.

In the framework of the project a laboratory analyses of petrographic composition of individual coals and coal blends, from different areas of Europe, Canada and The Republic of South Africa, were carried. They were carried for evaluation of reactive and inert ratio of the components. An innovative method for forecasting the quality of metallurgical coke, which is essential for the production of high quality steel, was developed, as well as the system of monitoring, controlling and optimization of fuel preparation process for coking. The proposed method was tested on an industrial scale.

The results of researches carried in the framework of the RATIO-COAL will serve for precise determination of the optimal proportions of the reactive components in coals for charge. They will contribute to getting fast and precise forecast of the quality of obtained metallurgical coke, which is essential for the production of high quality steel. Attained research results are applicable in steel and coke industry, superior and academic institutions. Developed innovative formula of forecasting the coke quality will contribute to improvement of the quality of produced steel.