Ústav Geoniky Av Čr, v.v.i., “Ugn”, Czech Republic

Participant 5 – UGN – Institute of Geonics AS CR, v.v.i.
Country Czech Republic
Web site www.ugn.cas.cz
Person in charge Ing. Alena Kožušníková, CSc. – kozusnikova@ugn.cas.cz
Brief description of the organisation  

The principal activity of the Institute of Geonics AS CR is the scientific research of processes in the earth crust, mainly those induced by anthropogenic activity, including their impact on the environment.The departement of Laboratory research on Geomaterials provides comprehensive material research on rocks and coal and selected construction materials. Mineralogy and petrography belong to the general trends of research, where new methodologies of identification and characterization of materials are being developed in an area based on infrared spectroscopy, on the methods of thermal analysis, optical and confocal microscopy and on image analysis. Among significant scientific areas also belong: stress and strain properties of geomaterials in different states of stress; the changes in the permeability of materials due to the changes of stress conditions; the interaction of materials with water; the thermal properties of geomaterials.